Alto Modas is founded, inspired, and empowered by women. Acutely aware of the fashion industry's negative impact on our environment we are committed to bringing sustainable and ethically produced fashion to you.
With an eclectic combination of color and patterns, our luxurious signature prints
and comfortable silhouettes make you want to climb into our clothes from day to night.

Fashion has become more far reaching now with the growth of social media and online shopping. This has led us to hone our skills to find a niche. Our USP is to sell sustainable garments to achieve our goal of bringing highest quality products to you at an exceptional price.


We at Alto Modas are driving climate action with facts, not just with words. We
are aware of the fashion industry's contribution to climate change and our eco-friendly mission is to showcase the world that truly sustainable clothing is
Our products are manufactured without harming our environment and ensuring no pesticides are used in materials procurement. All material used are natural fibres and all packaging materials are re-cycled / re-used paper.
Water waste is stringently cleaned before it's released back to nature and/ or
reused at our plant(s).


Under fair-trade principles, all styles you wear are made in a socially and ethically responsible facility which is owned by us to ensure each product worn by you were made in an ethical and socially responsible way.

Our facility not only provides fair wages as per international standards but also provides health benefits, safety standards and worker rights to all. Our facilities is not depended on any fossil fuels and runs on green fuel.