“With an eclectic combination of unique fabrications, exclusive in-house prints and comfortable silhouette our collection embodies a delicate balance between sophistication and comfort. Each collection is designed to produce timeless statement pieces for your wardrobe."

About Us


Alto Modas is a brand catering to women's contemporary lifestyle fashion, children's fashion and sleepwear. Based in Los Angeles, we are recognized for easy pieces that are flattering and versatile, our designs imbibe a delicate balance between elegance, sophistication and comfort. 

It’s the gorgeous details in life that make it beautiful, and that’s what our mantra is at Alto Modas, all our styles have intricate details which add value to our styles and your look!

Our elegant silhouettes offer an eclectic combination of color and patterns, our signature prints , embellishments, delicate hand stitches and embroideries are a perfect fit for you, your children and loved ones.


Comfort, quality, functionality and timelessness are the essence of Alto Modas Designs.

Our collections only feature luxuriously soft fabrics which are comfortable to wear whether you are going to work, to a party or to bed!


We at Alto Modas are driving climate action with facts, not just with words.

We are aware of the fashion industry's contribution to climate change and our eco-friendly mission is to showcase the world that truly sustainable clothing is possible.

Our products are manufactured without harming our environment and ensuring no pesticides are used in materials procurement. All material used are natural fibres and all packaging materials are re-cycled / re-used paper.

Water waste is stringently cleaned before it’s released back to nature and/ or reused at our plant(s).


Fashion has become more far reaching now with the growth of social media and online shopping. This has led us to hone our skills to find a niche. Our USP is to sell sustainable garments to achieve our goal of bringing highest quality products to you at an exceptional price.  We are true believers in providing quality over quantity and we hope you would support us in our journey of making environmentally, ethically and economically sustainable luxe clothing for your entire family.