About Us


Alto Modas is a brand catering to women's contemporary lifestyle fashion, children's fashion and sleepwear based in Los Angeles. Designed and founded by A (Ankita), we are a family-run brand having our own manufacturing facilities ensuring fair wage practices and ethical manufacturing is followed for all our products. 
AM is recognized for easy pieces that are flattering and versatile, our designs imbibe a delicate balance between elegance, sophistication and comfort.

Keeping sustainability and ethical manufacturing in mind, we at Alto Modas are driving both matters with facts, not just with words. We are aware of the fashion industry's contribution to climate change and our eco-friendly mission is to showcase the world that truly sustainable and ethically made clothing is possible. Our products are manufactured in fully compliant factory adhering to all international norms without harming our environment. All material used are natural fibres or fabrics which are recycled/upcycled and in order to minimize plastic in all our collections we use packaging materials which are re-cycled / re-used.

It’s the gorgeous details in life that make it beautiful, which is our mantra at Alto Modas. We design and produce lasting pieces that get better with each wear and are true believers in providing quality over quantity with an emphasis on artisanal and handcrafted processes for each of our collections. Our elegant silhouettes offer an eclectic combination of color and patterns, our signature prints , embellishments, delicate hand stitches and embroideries.

We invite you to be a part of our world and we hope to be a part of yours with each of our collections!